Let us be clear: We don’t believe that Kim Kardashian is any sort of [insert negative term here] for having slept with nine people in her life by age 33. You can judge her by two failed marriages, or the fact that she had a role in making the Kim Kardashian sex tape, but by and large, the star is a monogamist.

Nine partners in over a decade and a half? Downright normal for many people.

She’s been romantically linked to others (Gabriel Aubry, Nick Lachey), but we haven’t included them in this Relationship Rewind chronicling Kim’s turbulent love life.

From before she was famous, to the man who made her famous when He Hit It First (more like fourth) to the present, can you recall all of her significant others?

Here’s a look at the nine stars we know have gotten it in with Kim:

1. T.J. Jackson

T.J. Jackson, Michael’s nephew, was Kim’s first love. It’s believed that he was her “first” in the physical sense as well.

2. Damon Thomas

Kim’s forgotten husband, music producer Damon Thomas, was married to her from 2000-04. Yes, those dates are correct!

3. Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon and Kim Kardashian were a thing in 2006-07. She’s been around awhile!

4. The Game

The Game said it himself recently. He is not dating Khloe Kardashian, despite the constant rumors to that effect … but he did do Kim once.

5. Ray J

Ray J. One name and one additional letter says it all. When he recorded the Kim Kardashian sex tape, a superstar was born.

6. Reggie Bush

After Ray J hit it first (or more like third or fourth), Kim moved on to NFL star Reggie Bush, with whom she had a long-term relationship.

7. Miles Austin

Dallas Cowboys receiver Miles Austin made Kim his tight end (so to speak) in a long-distance but legitimate relationship after Reggie.

8. Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian’s second husband, Kris Humphries, was married to her only 72 days, then starred in at least that many tabloid reports after she dumped him.

9. Kanye West

Kanye West put a baby in it. Then he put a ring on it. Think this romance will be Kim’s last?